Pro Pirate Detector

The new Detector Pro Pirate is out and is a nice addition to the company lineup. It is crystal controlled and operates at 2.4Khz. This makes a very stable platform to build on. The 8 in. co-planar coil is RF insulated against electro-static interference. The headphones are piezo electric transducers from which the audio comes to you at 400Hz.

Search mode is the silent search slow motion discrimination. This is about as close to turn on and go as you can get. There are 2 knobs, Volume and Discriminator controls and of course the electronics are contained in the ear cup.

The unit is not waterproof but water resistant enough to with stand accidental drops into the water and can be used in the rain. It is at home in saltwater, freshwater, and of course inland detecting. It adjusts in length from 43" to 53". Weight is 3.5 lbs. with the batteries installed. It will operate using Carbon Zinc, Alkaline, and rechargeable batteries and requires 2 of them. Battery life is upwards of 50 hrs. using Alkaline type batteries.

It has a 2 year warranty and a very affordable price for the beginner or Pro. It is sure to be a fun detector for the whole family.

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